_We are asking for fiction, poetry, visual art submissions, articles, interviews, & translations. We are interested in works of good quality.

_Do not submit in more than two categories. Moreover, we cannot accept more than two submissions for each issue . If you submit more than that all your submissions will be deleted. *Please check each category's specific entry guidelines. 

_We cannot consider anything that has been previously published or accepted for publication, anywhere, including personal blogs. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible. Sometimes our response takes long due to the combination of a heavy load of submissions and limited staff. Thank you for your understanding.

_No entry fees.

_Currently we cannot provide our contributors with any payment for their work and this is because we are a new journal with no sponsors. However, we want to do it in the near future.

ATTENTION: If your submissions do not comply with the guidelines, we will have to reject them. We are really sorry for this but we have to keep everything in order so that we run the journal smoothly.

If you face a problem with uploading your files, please send a mail to fineflu@gmail.com

*Our journal comes out three times or twice a year.

Submit your drawings. Submit a photograph of your painting. Submit a painting of your artwork. Submit anything you can create and you feel that it deserves to be shown. Please be original! 
* No more than three photos of your work please.

We accept any kind of fiction. We are interested in good literature. Please don't exceed the 2,200 words limit. You can send short stories, novel excerpts -as long as they are complete and self-contained- and flash fiction. Flash fiction shouldn't exceed 800 words. Do not send more than one files.
Submit between one to three poems. Include all your submitted poems in a single file please. Poems that are not included in one file will be rejected automatically by our system. Poems shouldn't exceed 30 lines each. Please don't include more than three poems. We will have to reject any submissions including more than three poems. 
Submit your photography. No more than 3 photographs. We are interested in artistic photography. No landscapes or nudes please. Please name your photos with a different name if you send more than one.
Submit  your article on any topic that may interest a literary journal. The article must not have been published in another magazine or blog. No more than 900 words.